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Fairthorne Studios

About Us

Vic Fairthorne graduated in Industrial Design from the Ontario College of Art and Design and moved into industry as a consultant designer, centering his creative interest on designing and developing products for the consumer market.

In 1977, Vic decided to put his love of metalworking and his experience as a designer to use by opening his own studio in Toronto.   Vic devloped his own unique line of brass and copper products.  Each piece reflects a strong statement of design through textures and simple yet sophisticated forms.

In 1978, he convinced his wife to join him in the studio and they've been working together ever since.  They bring to their work their combined education in art school, business school and a vast amount of on-the-job experience in working with metal.

Our products are handcrafted from the finest quality yellow brass - an alloy of 65% copper and 35% zinc.  We purchase large coils of brass sheet, cut it with handtools and bandsaws, then shape it using a traditional silversmithing method with hammers and anvils, mixed in with more modern equipment, ie: brakes and spin lathes.   To join the metal, we solder, weld or rivet.  Each piece is polished and brushed on buffing lathes and some pieces are air-brushed with specially formulated paints.  

Our work has evolved over the years, from untreated, highly polished brass, to protective lacquer coatings to eliminate the necessity of cleaning, and more recently is now coloured using an air-brushing technique, then sealed with a protective coating.  The air-brushing has brought a whole new dimension to our work, allowing for more creative expression.

In 1978, we started to market our products in craft shows, most notably the One Of A Kind shows in Toronto.  Our work is represented in many galleries and craft shops across Canada.

Within the craft world, there is a reason for repeat customers.  We provide something rare in this industrialized culture - ourselves- we 'connect' with our customers during their brief moments in our booth at a show.  They are recognizing not just what we make, but how and why we make it.  It's both the object and its connectedness that our customers are buying.

Our customers appreciate the quality and handcraft traditions embodied in our work as much as they do the specific designs.  We are proud that many of our customers have become collectors.  Adherence to the principles of quality and craftsmanship is the essence of our work, but continued acceptance by our customers is our ultimate objective.

After much thought and consideration, we decided to make the Christmas 2014 our last One of a Kind show. We'll miss our many customers and friends that we've made over the 37 years that we participated in the show.